We cannot come back over time, but we are able to last send up to someone create this new in reverse day host

They can also travel

[A track begins to experience to your song out of Zager Evans’ In the year 2525.] Song: [verse step one] In the year you to-o-four, one-o-five In the event that man has been real time When the robot might survive It will find

[verse 2] Around twenty-four twenty-five twenty-five The backwards time servers nevertheless will not have found its way to every the country, you will find singular technology Good rusty sword Burbank CA escort reviews to possess doing proctology

It travel pass

[verse step three] Down the road 12 months you to definitely finishes having a great twenty An effective slumpy merman try planning shoot for chummy He might feel like an effective watery wimp While in facts he or she is a blood thirsty schrimp

[verse cuatro] Around one million and a half Peoples kind is enslaved from the giraffe Males need to pay for all his mistakes When this new forest tops try stripped from other simply leaves

[Montage into the tune: In the year 105105 (verse 1), the world is included in the frost and you may Eskimos pursue the staff on seals having handguns. Around 252525 (verse dos), they fulfill a beneficial mediaeval castle where an effective knight riding an effective ostrich stabs Bender throughout the right back which have a sword. In the year 351120 (verse 3), the country is covered in water. The time host drifts, and you will Fry and you can Farnsworth use Bender’s foot to have oars. An excellent merman attempts to anticipate them, but it turns out to be an enormous schrimp. In the year one million and a half (verse 4), it see once again a beneficial mediaeval castle, however, this time its door is really high, and out of it arrives a good giraffe getting taken by six enslaved individuals. They’re going a to a tree having one leaf leftover and you can this new giraffe consumes they. They traveling submit] [Scene: World Express: Fulfilling space.