Activists need to guarantee the apes do not end up homeless in the event that the new coverage shuts

Each other have already suffered: These were captured since infants during the Sierra Leone in the 1982 and you may smuggled when you look at the a cage to help you Austria to be used in drug studies. Culture officers intercepted new distribution and you may became the latest chimps off to the latest safety.

The as well as veterinary costs run-about $six,800 thirty day period. Donors provides accessible to let, but there’s a capture: Below Austrian law, simply an individual may found private donations.

Martin Balluch, which thoughts the fresh new Association Facing Animal Industries, has questioned a national legal to possess a commanding with the guardianship situation

Organizers you will definitely set up a foundation to collect bucks having Hiasl, whose endurance within the captivity is approximately 60 age.