Remember that this new possessive pronoun mode “ours” isn’t regularly tailor nouns otherwise noun phrases

Inside sentence, the possessive adjective “our” modifies “way” and also the noun keywords “the ways” is the lead target of material verb”have forfeit”.

Right here brand new possessive adjective “their” modifies “parents” and the noun statement “the mothers” ‘s the target of one’s preposition “from the.” Keep in mind that the possessive pronoun form “theirs” isn’t used to modify nouns or noun sentences.

Within sentence, the newest possessive adjective “its” modifies “ball” plus the noun terms “the baseball” is the target of one’s verb “chased.” Keep in mind that “its” is the possessive adjective and you can “it’s” is an excellent contraction getting “it is.”

New demonstrative adjectives “this,” “such,” “you to,” “those people,” and you will “what” are exactly the same with the demonstrative pronouns, however they are used since the adjectives to change nouns or noun sentences, as in the next phrases:

Within this sentence, the fresh demonstrative adjective “that” modifies the fresh noun “cord” while the noun statement “that wire” ‘s the target of your preposition “more than.”