For the 2000s, what amount of Russian women who possessed their companies increased significantly

Female and you may company within the 2000s Russia

dos During the Russia’s volatile economic climate that have limited team defenses having female, most women seen working for by themselves while the a variety of “self-help” (Salmenniemi, Karhunen, and you may Kosonen 2011, 83). One of my lookup informants, those in their twenties and you will thirties experienced kind of troubles gaining ranks within already present providers for factors they regarded as related to their gender. step 3 To own their agencies was to have deeper handle over their a job standing, a flexible plan one allowed them to equilibrium paid off and residential functions, and you will a go within upward socioeconomic mobility. By extension, they advised it absolutely was simple for women and make their very own possibilities, while the users of goods and also in regards to their personal partners, that have less must depend financially with the anyone else.