I have a few A32 phones to my organization account in addition they don’t work

would appear on the phone to let me know I had a message.\u00a0 I\u2019m not seeing anything like this on the Nord N200.\u00a0 Is there any setting that will give some sort of indication that there is a voicemail that has been left? “,”url”:”https:\/\/community.t-mobile\/android-9\/oneplus-nord-n200-5g-no-voicemail-notification-43952″,”creationDate”:”2022-06-08T+0000″,”relativeCreationDate”:”1 hour ago”>,”numberOfViews”:0,”contentType”:”question”,”featuredImage”:””,”publicLabel”:””,”category”:<"url":"\/devices-2","categoryId":2,"title":"Devices","metaRobots":"index,>,”lastPostId”:”0″>,<"firstPost":<"id":43947,"author":<"id":10704646,"url":"\/members\/andikayenta-10704646","name":"Andikayenta","avatar":"","userTitle":"First>,”userLevel”:0>,”content”:”

Am i going to be able to buy a different sort of sim cards that will take care of myself during the Korea? Or can it be more comfortable for me to merely rating good cellphone wi-fi to create beside me once i are truth be told there?\u00a0

Am i going to have the ability to get a different sort of sim cards one covers me inside the Korea? Otherwise is it more relaxing for me to merely score a great smartphone wi-fi to carry beside me as i are truth be told there?\u00a0

Immediately following a couple months off discussing technical support and you will customer support, I have discovered one another Tmobile and A32 looking for

The A32 is a poor performer, drops calls, fails to send text messages, reports phone as \u2018device not found on network\u2019 etc. The phone struggles with the basics, I guess that\u2019s why it was \u2018free\u2019, turns out to be anything but \u2018free\u2019 with wasted hours with customer care and tech support to reboot, reset, change mobile connection, use a new sim and on and on with no improvement. On a recent phone call with customer care they told me, \u201cnot to worry, we will email you UPS shipping labels for you to print and take to your local T mobile store to return them and get a new\/different phones. Only problem was the store said no-way.